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Driveway Deals Logistics and FAQ


Selling: Navigate to the “List Your Car” page, and fill out the quick four-part form to submit your car. Once approved by a Driveway Deals listing agent, we will get in contact with you in order to get more information. After we have collected all necessary information, we will create a listing of your car, and post it to our site. The standard price to list a car on Driveway Deals is $99, and will be charged to you the day the listing goes up.

Our Auction Format: 

Driveway Deals auctions our listed cars in a standard “Timed Auction” format. Each car will be open to bid for an allotted amount of time, the high bid being the winner at the end. Email notifications will be sent to you when you place a bid, and when someone outbids you. Notifications will be sent towards the end of the auction in order to give you time to place any more bids should you choose to go higher, or get outbid.

  • Reserves: Each car on Driveway Deals has a reserve set on it, unless the title denotes otherwise. (i.e. NO RESERVE 1965 Ford Mustang).

Bidding: Once you place a bid, it is final. You may not lower your bid once it is placed, but you can always increase it. If you are outbid, an email notification will be sent to the registered email on file. If you are bidding from our mobile application, both an email, and a notification from the app will be sent out should you get outbid.

Buyer: If you win an auction, both you and the seller of the vehicle will receive the other’s contact information in order to set up payment and delivery. Your card will NOT be charged for the amount you purchased the car for. Credit cards are authorized on our bidding platform in order to verify buyers. The winning bidder will be charged a 5% premium at the end of the auction. For instance, if a car sells for $20,000 the buyer will be charged $1,000 to the registered credit card.

Commenting: We want Driveway Deals to be a positive place to share knowledge, and give advice to buyers. All comments on the vehicle pages should be relevant, and constructive. Negative and irrelevant comments will be removed from the page.


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